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Be Safe

store front showing contactless pickup of products from a table set up at the front door

Quick Update:

We are doing our best to safely serve Austin's cycling community. As of late June 2022, the CDC reports community spread in Travis County has increased from Low to Medium. We have over 200 known cases per 100,000 people, and the test positivity rate is over 20%. Bear in mind that the CDC has no way to track cases when people use home tests though. We personally know more people who have had COVID in the past 6 weeks than at any other point in the pandemic. BIKEALOT continues to operate with maximal COVID safety precautions.

Our showroom remains closed, but we are here to help you with contact-less pickup of parts and gear, as well as test rides, in-store shopping as needed, and bike service by masked appointments. We keep in person interactions to a minimum by encouraging phone calls, emails, and online shopping. 

We launched this website in May 2020 to give our community a way to shop from the safety & comfort of your home or phone, with free contact-less storefront pickup, or home delivery (fees apply). Please call us for help with any purchases or to schedule a test ride or bike service!

Brad and his wife working in the shop

BIKEALOT in the news...

The Austin American Statesman featured BIKEALOT in a Covid article on Easter weekend. We wish they had published this corrected version from the outset. If you saw the original version before they apologized to us and corrected the article on Monday evening 4/18/22, then we sincerely apologize if you were offended by the way it badly misrepresented our shop. Please share your comments or concerns with us at

Both wearing masks, Brad and his brother, Shane, with Shane's new Kona Sutra, standing in front of the store

Brad with his brother, Shane and his new Kona Sutra

Covid Prevention

Our customers are, both figuratively & literally, our family. We have high-risk folks in our family, and we’re sure lots of y’all do too. That’s why we’re proceeding with an abundance of caution at BIKEALOT.

As an essential business, we are doing our best to serve our cycling community as safely as possible. We added online shopping to help our customers shop from the safety and comfort of home. We are grateful for your support so we can continue to keep Austin rolling safely.

With heavy hearts, we decided on 3/14/20 to close our showroom to the public for the duration of the crisis because we do NOT want to spread Covid 19. Our shop is small, so it’s very hard to keep 6’ distance with 2 or 3 people inside. We also want to ensure our merchandise is not accidentally contaminated by shoppers handling items, and we figure it would be awkward to follow folks around with Lysol. But seriously, we really look forward to opening our store to the public again, when it's safe to do so.

We have several new policies and protocols for further prevention. We now wash all bikes before service, and we sanitize our tools to prevent spreading germs from bike to bike. We also regularly sanitize our delivery table, and frequently touched surfaces inside the shop. We are happy to answer customer questions by phone or email, which helps us hold in-person interactions to a minimum. MASKS are REQUIRED for any in store appointments at BIKEALOT. 

We do our best to stay informed of the facts, and follow the advice of public health agencies. We continue to update our policies and protocols to implement and innovate best practices to help prevent spreading this dangerous virus.


Safety 1st! Fun super close 2nd!!

That's our motto at BIKEALOT.

Now more than ever, safety for ALL comes first & foremost at BIKEALOT.

After all, we can't have fun if we don't stay safe. 

Be Safe, Be Well, and Ride On!