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2022 Kona Bikes

Founded & engineered by riders, Kona bikes get better every year as their engineers personally put them to the test and tweak their designs and components. These are our favorite models for Austin and Central Texas Trails. You can check out the full line up at If we don't have what you need in stock, try your luck at Kona Ride Online! See details next to the video below.
*Due to the epic surge in demand for bikes, coupled with Covid shipping delays, availability is complex. We provide estimated availability here, but please contact us for details. Email us anytime with your height and which models you're interested in, and we will do our best to help get you rolling.
**Due to rising manufacturing and shipping expenses, prices are subject to change.

Kona Ride Online

Feeling lucky? Kona is releasing limited bikes by lottery to help some lucky riders get rolling sooner! Simply buy your bike from Kona and they will ship it to your nearest dealer to be professionally built & dialed in for you.  

At BIKEALOT we're happy to extend all of our customer perks to folks who get their bikes from Kona Ride Online, including one free adjustment if needed in the first 6 months, one free tune up in your first 2 years, and priority service during busy seasons.

Try your luck today!

*Update - shipping for all bikes is $65 flat rate, including bikes over $1000.

2022 Kona Dew Asphalt Grey


*All sizes in Asphalt Grey now available!

The Dew is our classic all-around commuter/townie option for someone looking for an affordable, comfortable ride. The Dew is an efficient bike that features a drivetrain with a broad gear range and integrated brake and shifter levers. Equal parts functional and fun, the Dew is equally at home hopping curbs on urban rides, cruising the bike paths, or rallying your local taco truck time trial.

2022 Dew Plus Gloss Metalic Dragonfly

Dew Plus

*This is our favorite all-purpose Austin bike. We have both colors in various sizes available now, with more on the way - click "Learn More" button or contact us to buy or reserve yours today.

When riding your bike, you want a few simple things. Comfort, function, and control are at the top of the list, so Kona built the Dew Plus with all three in mind. The Dew Plus features a 10-speed drivetrain for smooth shifting and a broad gear range. Hydraulic disc brakes keep the bike in control in tricky conditions. With geometry that keeps the rider comfortable on rides long or short and a kickstand, it’s a great choice for commutes. Equal parts functional and fun, the Dew Plus is at home hopping curbs on urban rides, cruising the bike paths, or rolling to your favorite food truck. The 2022 comes in Dragonfly Green or Kodak Yellow to suit your style.

2022 Cinder Cone Gloss Metallic Green

Cinder Cone

*Medium & Large available now!

The Cinder Cone is the perfect all-rounder for the person looking to ride off-road or cruise around the backwoods bike paths. It features an air fork with 100mm of travel, as well as a dependable 11-speed drivetrain and disc brakes. If you're a fan of plus bikes, you can run up to 2.8" tires. The Cinder Cone is where the mountain meets functionality at a great price.

2022 Lana'i Light Blue


*Various sizes in blue & black available now - call or click "Learn More" button for more details.

We all remember our first mountain bike. For many of us it was a bike like the Lana’i. Affordable enough not to feel too risky but stocked with components that give you the freedom to explore off-road. The Lana’i features integrated shifters and brake levers to streamline the cockpit and is now available in three wheel sizes: 26" for size XS, 27.5" for S and M, and 29" for L and XL. With an 8-speed drivetrain, grippy disc brakes and a 100mm travel fork, the Lana’i is the perfect way to taste what real singletrack riding has to offer.

Kona Rove AL Gose Blue

Rove AL

*Size 56 & 54 now available, contact us if you're interested. The photos do not do the color justice - stunning!

You may ask yourself, "What is this 650b semi-plump tire trend anyway?" Perhaps you're gravel-curious, but not quite sure of how often you'll really want to push your limits off the paved road. That, my friend, is what the Rove AL 650 is here for. It's the road biker's gravel/touring/do-it-all steed. It welcomes bigger tire clearance and more comfortable geometry. It provides everything you need for a fast, comfortable ride and nothing you don't. It's the perfect bike for commuting, partaking in weekend warrior adventures, or diving deeper into longer tours.

2022 Big Honzo DL in Satin Creme De Menthe

Big Honzo DL

*One Medium available now!

The Big Honzo DL is exactly what the name implies. It’s a Honzo with bigger tires and a nice build kit featuring hydraulic disc brakes and 130mm of suspension. You’ll get a little extra squish thanks to the 2.8” tires that absorb bumps with ease. Comfortable geometry and an adjustable travel dropper post ensure you’re always at just the right position on your bike whether you’re climbing that big mountain or descending down your favorite flow trail!

2022 Coco Gloss Metalic Dragonfly


*Various sizes coming this winter - contact us for info or reservations.

The Coco pays homage to the classic European step-through bicycle for easy mounting & dismounting in any attire. The functional fenders keep you clean splashing through puddles, and add a splash of style. Internal routing keeps the lines clean and sleek, ample attachment points for racks or baskets, and puncture-resistant WTB Horizon Comp tires make flats a thing of the past. This is the bike that makes neighborhood cruising more fun, so we don’t blame you if you “forgot the tacos/beer/wine” and need to ride back to pick it up. Don't be surprised if you turn a few heads on this bike!

2022 Fire Mountain Gose Blue

Fire Mountain

*One of each size coming this winter - contact us about reserving your size.

This Kona classic brings some of the finer things to light. The Fire Mountain is running a smooth-shifting 9-speed drivetrain to keep things manageable across varying terrain and hydraulic disc brakes to stop on a dime. With 100mm of adjustable suspension and sturdy tires aboard wider 27mm rims, the Fire Mountain helps build confidence off-road. Affordable and ready to shred, this is an awesome bike for South Austin and the Central Texas Trails!

2022 Hula Satin Metalic Mauve


*One Hula available now!

The 24” Hula is designed for the kid that’s a bit too tall for the 20” Makena, is quickly progressing their skills and is moving up in the neighborhood shred ranks. Running 2.6” tires ensure maximum traction. The wheels are laced to QR hubs for ease of use. A 1x drivetrain for simple shifting, a 28-tooth chainring for easy pedaling and kid-friendly geometry make the Hula the perfect bike to grow up with.

2022 Makena Light Green


*Coming to BIKEALOT this winter or spring.

When you’re a kid, riding a bike is the ultimate form of freedom. The Makena is the perfect starter bike for your little cyclist. This kid-friendly frame features 20” wheels with chubby 2.6” tires for excellent traction, a 28-tooth chainring and low standover make it friendly for the littles, while a 1x drivetrain allows for single-handed shifting and make it an awesome first “real” bike.

2022 Sutra SE Gloss Metallic Blue

Sutra SE

*One 52cm now available, and one each 54 & 56 coming this winter, contact us about reservations.

The Sutra SE is the perfect bike for the rider that knows exactly what they want in a long-haul touring bike. The traditionalist in them wants a 3x drivetrain and bar-end shifters. They want steel because everyone knows that steel isn’t just the right way—it’s the only way. Get out your bike packing gear, plan your trip, and mount up. The Sutra SE is ready to take you across the city or across the continent with comfort and ease.

2022 Rove DL Gloss Azure

Rove DL

*One each of sizes 50 & 52 are on the way, contact us to reserve yours today.

You’re looking for a smooth ride across mixed terrain. You’re a fan of steel. You have discerning taste but aren’t caught up in trends. You want a bike that looks good, rides great, and will last you a lifetime. You’re the person that buys a great product at a great price. Look no further than the Rove DL. It’s been a workhorse for years. Inspired by mountain biking, but decidedly more touring oriented, the Rove DL checks all the boxes for functionality, comfort, and style.

2022 Process 134 DL 29 Gloss Metallic Green

Process 134 DL 29

*One Large now available!

The Process 134 DL 29 proved to be one of the most popular Konas of 2021. Was it the price? The spec? A combo of the two? We’re willing to bet this bike will be the belle of the ball again. Ultra-powerful SRAM G2 RS brakes keep speed in check while a RockShox Pike Select RC Charger DebonAir fork and Deluxe Ultimate shock provides a bottomless feel. Longer droppers are now coming stock in the smaller frame sizes, and with TranzX’s new +RAD post with adjustable travel, everyone will be able to find their sweet spot.

“The Process 134 proves itself to be an absolute blast on the trails and the spirit of the Process 111 lives on through it.”

– IMB Magazine
This bike would shred Austin's single track trails, or blaze down Spider Mountain.

Unit X

*One Medium & one Large in Dragonfly Green available now!

The Unit X has become a cult favorite among die-hard Kona fans. Maybe it’s the Cromoly frame. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s a bikepacking monster, or its SRAM SX Eagle 12-speed drivetrain, or modular dropouts which give you the ability to run it as a single speed if that’s your thing. Maybe it’s because the rigid fork makes it that much more of a classic. We may never know why the Unit X is such a popular bike, but we can only guess it’s because it is one of the most practical machines in our lineup.

Rove LTD

*One 56cm in Chrome Grey available now.

The Rove LTD is everything you'd expect from a bike made for going the distance across mixed surfaces. This gorgeous Butted Cromoly frame features a tapered headtube, our Rove Verso Full Carbon flat mount disc fork with the ability to carry a host of gear. You can't find a bike this pretty with spec this nice at this price. It's a bike aficionado's value bike. The Rove LTD is the perfect blend of function and aesthetics and is ready for your next adventure.