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Bike Service & Repair

South Austin's Bike Repair Experts

BIKEALOT is a mechanic owned shop with over 25 years experience. We guarantee our work and we're confident you will appreciate our commitment to quality.

"I've had several bikes repaired at Bikealot and it's always a great experience. Brad couldn't be more helpful, he delivers attention to details plus the best customer service in any bike shop." - David W, Yelp

"Bikealot is an incredible shop! I requested a total tune-up for my bike after it sat unridden for a long time. Brad was not only friendly and communicative but genuinely excited to get the bike back in working condition. He added some great details like cables and housing that match the stickers. I brought it in just wanting it to be rideable again, but I got back a really gorgeous bike.
Also, Bikealot is still practicing great COVID-19 protocol. Awesome folks." - M Mutrux, Google 

For tune-ups and other repairs, please see our pricing and policies below (we don't service e-bikes or department store bikes). If you would like to make an appointment, please send an email to with photos of your bike, including an overview and close ups of any known issues, tell us what kind of service you need as well as what brand/model it is, and its approximate age. We'll get back to you with a ballpark estimate and time-frame. We may require a deposit to hold your appointment, import contact info for new customers, &/or to order parts for your bike. Then we schedule drop-off appointments during our business hours, and turnaround time is usually 1-2 days. 

If you bought your bike from BIKEALOT, no matter how long our waiting list may get in busy seasons, we always work in our established customers. Please mention it if you bought your bike here, or if you've gotten prior service here, when you send your service request to

Pashley, our friendly shop dog.
Pashley, our friendly shop dog.

Full Tune-Ups Start At:
75 - Single Speeds
95 - Multi-Gears
110 - Mountain Bikes
125 - Full Suspensions 

190 - Total Tune
We do A LOT more than lube your chain & tweak your brakes. 
Prices are for labor only, parts sold separately.

All Tune-Ups Include:

  • Basic bike wash*
  • Safety check on all parts and accessories of bicycle*
  • Adjust gears and brakes
  • Adjust headset, tighten cranks and chain ring bolts
  • Lube cable, housing, and chain
  • Check/Adjust derailleur hanger alignment
  • Tire & Suspension Air Pressure check & adjust as needed
  • Free installation of BIKEALOT purchased accessories
  • Wheel work, which includes adjustments such as: hub bearing adjustments, precision wheel true (for a straighter wheel and tighter brakes), and rotor true (smooths out disc brakes)
  • Additional costs with standard tune-ups may include things like parts and installation to replace worn cables, chains, brake pads, or other components needed to help ensure safety & reliability.

    Total Tune
    Includes everything above plus:
  • Detailed bike wash*
  • Remove drive train and clean in solvent
  • Remove, clean, and re-grease cranks and bottom bracket
  • Labor to replace chain, cables, housing, brake pads, tires, tubes, rim tape, and grips or bar tape (as needed)
  • Additional cost for some internally routed cables may apply.

    *Please see Service Policies below.

Service Menu

Here are some more options. Prices are for labor only, parts sold separately. If you need a service not listed, please call or email. 
Our minimum charge is $30 to check in and assess a bicycle for repairs.  We do our best to assess bikes by photo before you bring them in for service. Send photos to

Minor Service

30 - 1st service
20 - each additional service

Fix Flats (tubes/tires sold separately)

Brake Adjustments

Derailleur - Front Or Rear

Chain Install

External Cable Replacement

Cassette Install

Re-Wrap Bar Tape

Wheel Truing

Inspection &
Minor Tune

65 - Labor

Check/Tighten Bolts & Accessories

Tire Check

Basic Brake Adjustments

Basic Gear Adjustments

Evaluate Cables & Housing

If the inspection finds more work required for minimally safe operation, then we will provide a detailed estimate and remaining labor will be applied toward repairs.


90 / Hour
30 Minimum


Tubeless Tire
Set Up

Hydraulic Brake Work

Spoke Replacement

Custom Bike Builds

Custom Wheel Builds

Installing Parts Purchased from BIKEALOT

Cutting/Threading and seized part removal, etc.

Bicycle Assembly

Our rate for building bikes purchased elsewhere is $90/hour, and most bikes take 1.5 - 3 hours (e-bikes and some brands excluded, call or email for details). We don't just slap bikes together, we dial them in with smooth rolling hubs, trued wheels, tight braking, and smooth shifting. That price also includes basic fit adjustments, one round of minor adjustments within 30 days if needed (like if the brake or shifting cables stretch in the first few rides), and we add value with a 10% discount if you buy any additional in-stock parts or accessories to go with your new bike. Availability is subject to our service waiting list and we may not be able to work in outside builds during our busiest seasons. Please email inquiries/requests to

Service Policies

  • All service prices are for labor only. Parts sold separately.
  • We no longer install parts purchased outside BIKEALOT - blog about our reasons here.
  • We do not service e-bikes or electric assist bikes.
  • We only work on bicycle brands that were originally sold through bike shops, not department store brands sold through big box stores like Academy or Walmart. This policy is for liability, safety, part compatibility, and sustainability reasons, please see our blog to understand our reasons. Schwinn bikes manufactured after the early 1980's are department store bikes (see Schwinn's history on Wikipedia).
  • For safety & liability reasons, we do not work on bikes if the structural integrity is compromised by things like bent frames, cracks, or serious rust.
  • Basic drive train wash included with Full Tune-Up, and detailed wash with Total Tune. Excessive chain lube or layers of dirt may be subject to our dirty bike surcharge of $15-25 with any service. (C'mon folks, we can't work through grimy dirt.)
  • Bicycles not originally assembled by a bike shop will cost an additional $25-50, to cover ergonomic fit adjustments, installation safety check, and repositioning parts as needed. 
  • Posted labor estimates do not apply to bikes with seriously mis-matched parts, assembled improperly, or components that do not work right together on the bicycle (think 3 old bikes morphed into 1 non-functional bike). They are subject to additional, sometimes substantially additional, labor charges due to the extra work required to restore compatible components and safe operation. We would notify you if this is the case prior to starting the work.
  • Could your bike have ever been stolen? We use Bike Index and any bike that turns up stolen will be surrendered to law enforcement or its rightful owner, so please check before bringing your bike in for service. 
  • $15/night storage fee for any bike not picked up at the scheduled time. We have limited space, and we want to encourage our customers to pick up their bikes as soon as work is finished because we must do our best to secure and protect all bikes overnight.
  • We cannot usually accommodate walk-in requests for minor repairs or adjustments because we need to stay on task to finish previously scheduled service. Please plan ahead by making an appointment, or scroll down for links to purchase parts & tools, and check out our resources & links page for links to DIY maintenance videos. 

Yello Soma bike w/ customizations by BIKEALOT

Repairs & Customizations

Need a repair?  Contact us today for a free estimate. *

We are happy to customize your ride! Whether you're looking to upgrade functionality of your current parts, or you're looking to change your fit to make your bike feel new again, we're here for you. 

Ready to replace that worn out cassette? Need some sweet new fenders? Always wanted a dropper seat post? Let us help you source ideal parts and professionally install them for you. 

Check out some of our customizations...

Dynamo hub powered light on customized Crust bike


We love customizing commuters! USB rechargeables by Light & Motion are Made in the USA, and always in stock.

close up of Son Dynamo hub


Go Green!  Pedal Power keeps our customers lit & rolling in style. SON Dynamo hubs have a 5 yr warranty & run lights, GPS, or phones.

Green Velocity rims w/ artistic spoke designs and purple hub

Custom Wheels

Velocity rims are hand crafted in the USA for incredibly durable performance, customized to your tastes and desires.

purple hub made by White Industries

Rad Hubs

We always recommend durable products, and these White Industries hubs made in NorCal really hold up on our tough Texas trails.

Home Bike Repair 

We recommend having a few products at home to do basic maintenance and help you keep your bike in excellent working condition between your annual tune-ups. Check out our resources for links to how-to videos. We have an excellent selection of essential tools, lubricants and cleaning products, and quality work stands. Shop online and pickup in store is always free!