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Bike Service & Repair

South Austin's Bike Repair Experts

BIKEALOT is a mechanic owned shop with over 25 years experience.  We guarantee our work and we're confident you will appreciate our commitment to quality.

COVID Service Delays

It's all over the news, bicycling for exercise and transportation has skyrocketed due to COVID-19. As a result, new bikes are nearly sold out nationwide. Demand for service has also gone through the roof as folks bring their old bikes out of storage, and more people buy used bikes, both of which usually need a lot of work to get in good riding condition. 

We've been doing our best at BIKEALOT to safely offer service, by requiring bike washes, and sanitizing our tools & work spaces between bikes. We regret that we can no longer safely do same-day service like minor adjustments or fixing flats, but we do sell the tools you need to do it yourself, and we link to some helpful videos on our Resources page. 

For tune-ups and other repairs, our service waiting list is closed until further notice.  If you already sent us an email with photos of your bike, then you are on the waiting list and we are working hard to get to you. We understand some riders need service urgently; if so, please check with some of Austin's bigger bike shops. We are a small, mechanic owned & operated shop. We hope to expand our service capacity by hiring a well-qualified assistant mechanic once it's safe to share our wrenching space again.

If you bought your bike from BIKEALOT, we will always work in service for our established customers. Please mention that you bought your bike here and your email service request to

We appreciate your understanding & patience during this most unfortunate pandemic.
Click for more info on Covid Prevention at BIKEALOT.


Repairs & Customizations 

Need a repair?  Contact us today for a free estimate. *

We are happy to customize your ride!  Whether you're looking to upgrade functionality of your current parts, or you're looking to change your fit to make your bike feel new again, we're here for you. 

Ready to replace that worn out cassette?  Need some sweet new fenders? Always wanted a dropper seat post?  Let us help you source ideal parts and professionally install them for you. 

*Service Policies:

  • For safety & compatibility reasons, we only work on bicycle brands that are sold through bike shops, not department stores like Academy or Walmart.
  • We no longer install parts not purchased through BIKEALOT.
  • For the time being, we are not assembling bikes not purchased through BIKEALOT.
  • We regret that we cannot do walk-up minor repairs or adjustments due to the processes necessary to check in & sanitize all bikes for the duration of the Covid-19 threat to public health. Please scroll down for links to parts & tools, and check out our resources page for links to DIY maintenance videos. 
Pashley, our friendly shop dog.
Pashley, our friendly shop dog.

Tune-Ups start at $90
We do A LOT more than lube your chain & tweak your brakes.

All Tune-Ups Include:

  • Sanitizing bike wash to prevent spreading Coronavirus*
  • Safety check on all parts and accessories of bicycle**
  • Adjust gears and brakes
  • Minor spot truing of attached wheels
  • Adjust headset, tighten cranks and chain ring bolts
  • Lube cable, housing, and chain
  • Check/Adjust derailleur hanger alignment
  • Free installation of BIKEALOT purchased accessories
  • Wheel work, which includes up to 4 adjustments such as: bearing cone adjustment, precision wheel true (for a straighter wheel and tighter brakes), and rotor true (smooths out disc brakes)
  • Add-ons to standard tune-ups may include things like replacing worn cables, chains, brake pads, or other components needed to help ensure safety & reliability.

*Basic drive train cleaning included in wash, but there's an extra $10-15 charge for excessive chain lube or years of build up.

** Bicycles not originally assembled by a bike shop will cost an additional $25-50, to cover ergonomic fit adjustments, installation safety check, and repositioning parts as needed.

Check out some of our customizations...



We love customizing commuters! USB rechargeables by Light & Motion are Made in the USA, and always in stock.



Go Green!  Pedal Power keeps our customers lit & rolling in style. SON Dynamo hubs have a 5 yr warranty & run lights, GPS, or phones.


Custom Wheels

Velocity rims are hand crafted in the USA for incredibly durable performance, customized to your tastes and desires.


Rad Hubs

We always recommend durable products, and these White Industries hubs made in NorCal really hold up on our tough Texas trails.

Home Bike Repair 

We recommend having a few products at home to do basic maintenance and help you keep your bike in excellent working condition between your annual tune-ups. Check out our resources for links to how-to videos. We have an excellent selection of essential tools, lubricants and cleaning products, and quality work stands. Shop online and drop by for free contact-less storefront pickup.