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About Us

South Austin's Bike Shop

BIKEALOT is an independent, sustainable, mechanic owned and operated, full service South Austin neighborhood bicycle shop. I'm Brad, the owner, and I've had a lifelong passion for riding. As a bike courier in the 90's, my friends nicknamed me "BIKEALOT," so when I opened my own business, naming it was a no-brainer. I love fixing bikes and fitting people for their ideal bikes.  

At BIKEALOT, we’re passionate about bicycles. We believe bikes offer a simple solution to lots of the complex problems facing both our local community and the wider world. Bikes are great for our personal health, and for our planet's health. Bikes offer a sustainable way to save you money on transportation, and provide endless miles of smiles with your family and friends.

While we service all brands originally sold through bike shops (not department store bikes), we focus on selling upright & drop bar commuter bikes, gravel grinders, kids bikes, and mountain bikes. We also sell all the parts, tools, accessories, and gear you need to keep rolling.

In order to better serve our cycling community, we now have an online store so you can shop from the comfort & safety of your home or phone. Please call us or email if you need help finding the right bike or gear, or if you need an appointment for service.

We have two family members with chronic conditions that make them very vulnerable to Covid-19 and other respiratory viruses. As part of our ongoing effort to protect our family and other high risk members of our community, we continue to require quality masks in our showroom, and we gladly provide masks as needed. We understand lots of folks are over masks, and we're happy to help those customers find what they need outside and/or by using technology like our website, email, and phones. We've also posted lots of photos throughout our website to virtually welcome you to our shop.

BIKEALOT is also a minority and vegan owned business. Brad's wife is of Cherokee descent, and Brad is a proud member of the Chickasaw Nation, which supports its citizens with a myriad of programs and services from youth camps and health care to small business alliances. Like many Americans, we're proud to be mixed race. We believe deeply in the beauty and power of diversity. Because of our appearance, we're also keenly aware of white privilege and we strive to do our part to make the world a more just and fair place for ALL (including our beloved LBGTQ friends & family!). We went vegan for the animals, the environment, and our own health - Win/Win/Win!  Vegan or not (we don't judge :) ALL are welcome at BIKEALOT. For our fellow vegan athletes, and for the veg curious, we're always happy to answer questions, and we sell some of our favorite snacks and supplements in the shop.

Why Shop With Us?

From professional bike repair, to top cycling products at exceptional prices, we've got you covered.

We welcome ALL races, religions, nationalities, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, languages, and ages - everyone! We are a safe place.


At BIKEALOT, we believe ALL people are created equal. We strive to serve our entire community with respect, dignity, and human kindness. Got a body? We've got your bike & gear. 

shop owner truing a wheel

Friendly Staff

We aren't your average bike shop. Our staff is helpful and crazy about cycling. We listen to your needs and work hard to help you find precisely the right products for you.

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Best Quality

We sell the highest quality products at BIKEALOT. When shopping online, any brand or product that shows as available in our store is one our experience has found to be reliable.

We Proudly Carry These Great Brands:

Kona Logo
light and motion
kali protectives
park tool
cat eye

Check Out Some of Our Most Useful Merch

It's all in stock & available for same day curbside pickup!

Still Scrolling? Check out our Mural

photo collage of the shop
bicycling poster

100 Years of Bicycle Posters

by Jack Rennert

Brad found this book at a bike enthusiast's estate sale. It was well loved, and in rough shape, so we cut out the posters to make a mural for our customers to enjoy.
The book is fascinating! Did you know bicycle technology and the Art Nouveau movement evolved simultaneously? Some famous artists in the movement made many of the posters featured in this enlightening book, where art history and bike history merge.
Spanning the 1870's - 1970's, gifted artists capture and advertise advancements such as innovative new frame materials like aluminum, early high-society bike parks, the latest riding fashions, and the inspiration of bicycles in the women's liberation movement.
We hope y'all enjoy these photos of our historic bike poster mural!