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Welcome to our blog! This is where we share news & articles of interest to our local biking community, and it's a space where we occassionally wax poetic about topics that matter to us. We hope you'll find some useful tidbits and food for thought.

Original shop front on Pack Saddle Pass

Thanks for 10 years!

May of 2022 was our 10th Anniversary. Thanks for supporting BIKEALOT, Austin!!

Community Impact Article:

South Austin bike shops connect with new cyclists during “no ordinary bike month”

Author, Olivia Aldridge, did a great job covering Bike Month in the time of Covid-19. Our owner, Brad Wimberly, was honored to give an interview to shed some light on how the pandemic is impacting the cycling community in Austin.
Olivia deftly interwove the paradoxes of the pandemic's impact. From the tough decision of closing our bike shop to the public despite being deemed an essential business, to the rising demand for sales & service while implementing safety measures that made both sales & service more challenging than ever. May 2020 was definitely "no ordinary bike month."

Department Store Bikes

From safety to sustainability, we have lots of good reasons not to service bikes sold at stores like Walmart & Academy.