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2022 Fairdales 

Coming Soon!

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We're a South Austin family owned and operated bike shop. 

Showroom Closed. Order Online. Contact-less Pickup. Go Ride.

It’s fast. It’s easy. And it’s free! Simply find what you need online, and we’ll have it ready for you when you arrive. Service is available by appointment. Please call or email with any questions, we're happy to help with your riding needs.

2022 Gloss Black Hybrid Fairdale Weekend Archer

2022 Fairdales Coming Soon!

Check out the awesome new line up! For 2022 you can expect more great bikes that are approachable, reliable, easy to maintain and always fun to hop on and go for a ride. Fairdale bikes are designed in Austin, they're high quality, and remarkably affordable! The new line features all of the models you have come to enjoy from Fairdale in exciting new colors with some spec updates sprinkled throughout.

Our Services

owner working on bikes in the shop

Bike Service

We are now making appointments for tune-ups and other repairs. Please see our service page for details. For Covid safety, we can no longer safely do walk-up service like fixing flat tires, but we can make you an appointment, or sell you the parts & tools to DIY, and we link to some helpful videos on our Resources page. We do not service electric bikes, or department store brand bikes. If you bought your bike here, please let us know when you contact us, and we will always work you in no matter how busy the season may be.

coffee beans


Our friends at Amaya Roasting Co in Houston source the finest beans and lightly roast them to deliciously nuanced perfection. We usually have seasonal varieties available for curbside pick up. We place our orders on Mondays, so contact us if you want us to order something special for you.

Featured Products 

Anything "In Store" is available for same day contact-less pickup!  Anything "In Warehouse" will take a few days to arrive for contact-less pickup.

Web Store Tip

Need something today? Filter your shopping search results to see what we have "In Store." Anything in our current inventory is available for same day, contact-less storefront pickup!  

Want wider options? Don't filter by "In Store" and you can simultaneously search our local inventory and our vendors' warehouses. Anything showing availability as "In Warehouse" is available for purchase & pickup through BIKEALOT. It will just take a few days to arrive.

Thanks for supporting our local economy by shopping at BIKEALOT! We're doing our best to make it easy to go local, and shop safely during these trying times.

Covid-19 Updates: Showroom Closed & Service by Appointment Only

Why Shop With Us?

From professional bike repair to top cycling products at exceptional prices, we've got you covered.

We welcome all people. We are a safe space.


At BIKEALOT, we believe ALL people are created equal. We strive to serve our entire community with respect, dignity, and human kindness. Got a body? We've got your bike & gear. 

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Friendly Staff

We aren't your average bike shop. Our staff is helpful and crazy about cycling. We listen to your needs and work hard to help you find precisely the right products for you.


Best Quality

We sell the highest quality products at BIKEALOT. When shopping online, any brand of bike or gear that shows as available in our store is one our experience has found to be reliable.

Light Up Your Ride

Do you know Austin law requires bike lights at night? 

We've got lots of lights in stock to help keep you safe riding day or night.  

Let us help light your path! 
Shop Lights

Bike theft sucks!

In June of 2021, we teamed up with an innovative international non-profit called Bike Index. We now register every bike we sell for free in their open source database, which helps recover stolen bikes while protecting the privacy of bike owners. It's free and easy for anyone to register your bike, just follow this link.  

BikeAustin: Mobility WINS at the Polls! Bubbles over photo of Town Lake's bridges & the Austin skyline say:Prop A Passes! Project Connect, Prop B Passes! Safe Mobility for All

Austin Voters Passed Props A&B!

Well done Austin - Prop B passed with a whopping 67% of the vote!! We’re now set to create a comprehensive multimodal transportation network that will transform life in Austin. Prop A will reduce gridlock by bringing light rail & improved public transit. Prop B will bring a network of improved infrastructure for pedestrians, strollers, wheelchairs, scooters, and cyclists. At BIKEALOT, we're thrilled because we believe all Austin citizens deserve safe mobility, regardless of age, ability, income, zip code, or skin color.

Once it begins, we encourage you to take part in the public process by joining and participating in community engagement opportunities, to help ensure Prop B funds are spent wisely and equitably.

Get ready for a world-class walking, bicycling, urban trail, and safe streets network within 6 years!!

Wondering Where To Ride?

Central Texas Trails

Premium Bicycles, Gear, & Apparel






We proudly serve all types of cyclists, including new & veteran riders, road & mountain lovers, and recreation & transportation cyclists. Whether you prefer to shop on our website, or by phone, we’re here to help with all your cycling needs. Our owner has 25+ years experience biking & wrenching, and we are happy to help you keep rolling.

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