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Original Location

On Pack Saddle Pass

Interior of new location with white walls where our mural is now

Manchaca Location

Blank Slate

Interior of current location with mural, upcycled flooring, and colorful merchandise

Our Mural

100 Years of Bike Posters

Thanks for 10 years, Austin!

May of 2022 was our 10th anniversary. We are deeply grateful to Austin's cycling community for supporting your local bike shops, like BIKEALOT.

Ever since we opened BIKEALOT in 2012, originally on Pack Saddle Pass, we have been on a mission to share & spread the joys of riding with our community like:

  • being in the flow
  • generating your own breeze
  • finding pockets of nature along your commute
  • the freedom of pedaling along your own path
  • the confidence that comes with riding a well tuned quality bike
  • the empowerment of contributing to sustainable transportation and making the world a cleaner greener place
  • finding your self on trails
  • moving on the outside, stillness on the inside
  • expending energy that energizes you
  • feeling more fit and healthy with every pedal revolution
  • finding balance through movement that creates the stillness we need to navigate our busy lives
  • the best journeys not being about the destination

So thanks for the countless win/win/wins!
 Thanks for buying your bikes here, which are as sustainable as they are fun to ride.
 Thanks for trusting us to keep your ride rolling smoothly.
 Thanks for letting us revive your old backyard bike into a reliable ride.
 Thanks for bringing your vintage bikes for us to restore to new glory.
 Thanks for customizing your daily commuters with us to make them more fun & functional.
 Thanks for celebrating Bike-To-Work Days with us.
 Thanks for collaborating with us and community leaders to bring more bike lanes and trails to South Austin.

 Let’s keep rolling towards a brighter, healthier, more sustainable future together, Austin!

Wishing you countless more miles of smiles,

Brad & BIKEALOT Crew