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Gift Cards

This item is here for customers to put down a deposit for a bike or service. Before paying the deposit, you must communicate with Brad at BIKEALOT for approval and to establish the appropriate amount for the deposit. To pay for your deposit in $50 increments, adjust the quantity in your shopping cart. To choose your quantity, divide the total deposit amount by 50. For example, if you are putting down a $200 deposit, then enter a quantity of 4 because $200 divided by 50 = 4. If you are putting down a $1500 deposit, then your quantity would be 30 because 30 x $50 = $1500. Sales tax is not collected at the time of the deposit, but will be collected at the time of the final sale. Thanks for choosing BIKEALOT!
Store-Branded Gift Card
$10.00 - $1,000.00
Finding the perfect gift can be tough, which is exactly why we offer gift cards. They make great presents for relatives and friends and are a fantastic way to thank someone special. They're always the right size and color, too. We can mail the card to you or the intended recipient. Just enter the appropriate address in the "Ship To" field during checkout. Gift cards are for in-store redemption only.
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